Employee Portal / Time Management System (TMS)

SWS have created an Employee Portal to make submission of your timesheet easier than ever before. In addition, this is an environmentally responsible action to mitigate the excessive use of paper, ink and re-printing time sheets for online submissions.

The web address for the Employee Portal is https://tms.railsws.com.au. Once you arrive on the website, you can then save this page to your smart phone’s home screen. This can then be used in the same way as a normal phone app.

Once you open the program you will be required to login with your username and password, this will have been provided to you by the company. Alternatively, you can contact Justine ([email protected] or 1300-720-934) between Monday to Friday for further advice.

This is a live system that enables SWS to daily check the clients, paygrades, hours, etc. and ensure they have been recorded correctly and to action any mistakes promptly. This is currently being done between Monday – Wednesday once all timesheets have been submitted. The app includes a GPS system that is generated to record the current date and time, please note SWS does not track or monitor your location at any time. This feature is inbuilt to the application, if you prefer not to use this you can turn your GPS off and use the app without it.

Please contact the office at any time should you feel the need to discuss the TMS program or if you are having issues with the program at any time.

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