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PLO1 - Tullamarine Loop Commisioning ARTC

On the 21st of May 2014 on the Tullamarine Loop, a 6.8 kilometre long dual gauge crossing loop between McIntyre and Jacana was commissioned. This commissioning allowed considerable improvement of train services to occur:

“The passing lane will bring much greater flexibility to the operation of  train services in the busy Melbourne metropolitan area, allowing our network controllers greater room to path trains and arrange passing opportunities in and out of Melbourne for our freight and passenger customers.” (Source ARTC)

Although the track work had been in place for some time, the points and signalling arrangements, being very complex took a special team to deliver the project safely on time and on budget while having minimal impact on train services.

All Safeworking was provided by Safeworking Solutions Pty Ltd. The Centralised Traffic Control System was suspended on the Broad and Standard Gauge Tracks and Train Authority Working implemented. This involved signalers located at Somerton and McIntyre taking down Train Authorities dictated by the Network Controller and then issuing them to the drivers, manually working points and recording and reporting the passage of trains and overseeing the grade control release at Craigieburn signal box. There was also a requirement for an Operational Safeworking Supervisor to manually operate the non commissioned points and pilot trains through the new crossing loop. 

Along with the special train running arrangements multiple work groups were continuously working along the affected corridor in between trains allowing construction of track, civil and signal testing works to be completed.
This combination of Safeworking services allowed revenue trains to run safely with minimal delays through a blacked out, intensely worked  area.

Overall this was an incredible achievement with a successful outcome from a dedicated and experienced group.

RRL - Regional Rail Link

Cost of $4.5 Billion

Regional Rail Link was a $4.3 billion rail line project that now provides capacity for extra train services for up to 9,000 passengers across the network in the peak hour. 

Regional Rail Link separates regional trains from metropolitan trains – for the first time giving Geelong, Bendigo, and Ballarat trains their own dedicated tracks through the metropolitan system from Sunshine to Southern Cross Station.

The project was jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments, with the Commonwealth contributing $3.2 billion.

The project included new dedicated regional tracks from west of Werribee to Deer Park and along the existing rail corridor from Sunshine to Southern Cross Station.

The activation of platform 15 & 16 Southern Cross Station is progressed by the RRL project to achieve any or all of:

* Immediate network-wide operational improvements arising from a reduction in conflicts at Franklin Street Junction when Southern Cross Station platforms 15 & 16 can be used for V/Line trains;

* Improved capacity at Southern Cross Station during major events such as that occur at Etihad Stadium and during Spring Racing Carnival; and

* Greater operational flexibility to support staging during construction of the RRL project between Southern Cross Station and Footscray.

Laverton Station Upgrade

Timeframe: Start 2008 completed 2011 Cost of $92.6 million

The Laverton Rail Upgrade has enabled additional services to be introduced on the Werribee line that start and finish at Laverton Station. The upgrade also provided infrastructure to improve the reliability of both the Werribee and V/Line services.

Specifically the project involved constructing:

  • an extra kilometre of track between Laverton Station and the Altona Loop Junction and associated signalling works
  • a third platform at Laverton Station
  • a new footbridge to improve access to the station
  • a new rail bridge over Merton Street
  • around 400 new car spaces on the north side of the station.

Rail SWS had to coordinate and apply a large variety of creative safe-working techniques that impacted on a high speed network involving Metro and ARTC, during live day to day train running while controlling various works sites spread out over up to 700 metres. Revamp / Rebuild Laverton Station with applying minimal impact to live trains and the public while the works commenced.

Middleborough Road Project

Working with a very tight time and budget conditions, we came through with the goods.

The Middleborough Road Project, previously a level crossing, now a rail under road bridge, where the project saw authorities in awe of what can be achieved within an extremely tight time frame and budget.

We did our job so well, without a single incident that many were not even aware of the depth that we were operating on, or what we achieved.

Construction of blade piers at Coolaroo

Timeframe: Start 2009 completed 2010 Cost of $36 million

The Coolaroo Station is on the Craigieburn line between the existing Broadmeadows and Roxburgh Park stations. The new station at the time improved public transport access for people in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

Safeworking Solutions involvement:

Photos below shows work being conducted while trains are running live. This was managed with all safety requirements professionally managed. The majority of the station was built under full track protection during day to day live train running operations. This was achieved with train running movement (planning) with minimal impact on train services.

Brooklyn - Sunshine (BS01)

Timeframe: Start 2009 completed 2010 Cost of $15 million

Melbourne’s Brooklyn – Sunshine Triangle bridge will increase the efficiency of both the North – South and East – West interstate rail networks. 

The $15m project, managed by Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) involved the construction of a brand new 8 span bridge, 220 metres in length adjacent to the Tottenham Rail Yard.

Safeworking Solutions involvement:

To coordinate and operate a track crossing of up to 50+ plant/vehicle track crossings a day in between train movements on the busiest section in the Metro section. 

Apply a large variety of creative Safeworking techniques that impacted on a high speed network involving Metro and ARTC, during live day to day train running. 

Apply a variety of protection plans for construction works and track machines that covered the major junction between train shunts, movements to the North East and Western Line (ARTC) and V/Line movements (release) onto the Metro and ARTC networks.

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